(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I use Welcome Home to Idaho©?
Not everyone has time to interview multiple REALTORS® and find one who is
not only excellent, professional, and trustworthy, but will also see eye to eye with
you on a personal level. You'll be communicating with your REALTOR® often
throughout the home buying and selling process. You want someone who can
integrate into your life seamlessly.
Welcome Home to Idaho© does that for
you. Each REALTOR® takes a survey for us to gather important and necessary
information about them and their business style. We then contact the
REALTOR® directly to make sure they are a perfect match for you and can take
on your specific needs. After which, we put them in direct contact with you.

Many of our clients have also expressed bad experiences in using friends, family,
or other obligatory REALTORS® and
Welcome Home to Idaho© is a service
that is dedicated to eliminating, "Well, I have to use 'Sally' because she my
cousins, wifes, sister in-laws, daughter."

What is the cost of using Welcome Home to Idaho©?
The cost of using Welcome Home to Idaho© is FREE to you. We negotiate our
fee with your chosen REALTOR® and only get paid when they have closed a sale
with you.

How long does it take for a REALTOR® to contact me?
Typically, a REALTOR® will be in contact within 24-48 hours after you complete
the survey. If there is a delay, we will be in contact to let you know why.

What if I'm unhappy with the REALTOR® Welcome
Home to Idaho
© has chosen?
Let us know why! Your satisfaction is our motivation. We will absolutely match
you with a new REALTOR®. However,
if you have signed a buyer/seller
representation agreement
there may be additional factors to release you of your
contract with your REALTOR®.

What if I need to buy or sell house in another state?
No Problem! Fill out our simply questionnaire and we can get started. Welcome
Home to Idaho
© is not exclusive to Idaho. We work with REALTORS® across
the country.

Do you only recommend Century 21 Agents?
No. Century 21 Greater Land Co. Reality is where we hang our license. We work
with the best agents, no matter their brokerage.

Can I request to work with or NOT work with, a specific
Yes! Just add the name in the "additional information" portion of the

Can Nikki Hugues be my REALTOR®?
Yes! If you are buying or selling in East Idaho call or text to set up an
appointment. (208) 680-0038

I'm a Realtor®, how do I get referrals?
First take a simple survey and we'll be in contact.

I'm a new REALTOR®, does that effect my chances of
getting referrals?
No. Some of the most hard working, driven, and client satisfied REALTORS®
have been new agents.
Welcome Home to Idaho© weighs your survey and
phone conversation with us as equally as experienced REALTORS®. Unless a
client specifies a preferred level of experience, you're just as likely to receive

As a REALTOR® can I pay a fee for more referrals?
No. Welcome Home to Idaho© is impartial and genuinely seeks to find the
best REALTOR® - Client matches.  However, the more successful transactions
you have with
Welcome Home to Idaho©, the more likely we are to send
referrals your way.

I have other questions:
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